Glass Tabletops, Shelving and More from Hamilton's City Window & Glass

Glass furniture is a lovely addition to any home and has been a popular choice for many decades. You don't always have to pick pre-fabricated pieces, however – City Window & Glass can custom cut glass to any specification, allowing you to have unique furniture that sets your home apart. We create beautiful glass shelving and glass tabletops for Hamilton and the surrounding area. Stop in and see what we can do for you!

Glass tabletops have many benefits beyond their aesthetic appeal. They complement any style of home, from modern to traditional to contemporary. These pieces are also very durable and can be placed in any room – they even do well outdoors! And since you can see right through them, standalone glass tables create a nice optical illusion of additional space. This allows you to choose larger furniture while still keeping the room bright and airy.

If you're interested in glass tabletops but don't want to invest in brand new furniture, we've got you covered. New glass tabletops can be added to older glass furniture as well as a wide variety of wooden pieces. The glass will help protect your furniture and prolong its lifespan. You also won't have to worry about scratches or stocking up on coasters! Coffee tables, dining room tables, kitchen tables, and side tables can all benefit from a beautiful new glass tabletop.

Bring New Life to Your Décor with Our Glass Shelving in Hamilton

Like glass tabletops, glass shelving lets more light fill your room and gives the appearance of more space. These pieces are also incredibly durable and are able to hold a lot of weight. Our glass shelving in Hamilton can be made from 5mm up to 12mm glass. The size and use will determine the thickness, but you can also choose to temper the shelves for extra strength.

We typically put collectibles and other items we want to display up on shelves. If you have non-glass corner shelves or dark-coloured shelving, the light can't be distributed evenly, creating dark, dusty spaces that don't showcase your décor properly. We recommend floating glass shelves or adding a glass top to an existing shelf. Light will be able to pass through, your shelves will be easy to clean, and your furniture will get a major upgrade!

Common Types of Edging

City Window & Glass has a comprehensive stock of glass that can be customized to your exact specifications. To further personalize the piece, we can finish the edges in the way you want. The common types of edging include the following techniques:

  • Scalloped: The edge features a repeating pattern of curves
  • Polished: The edges will be ground smooth
  • G.: Also called an Ogee edge, it has a gentle curve
  • Chipped: The edge appears to be chipped for visual appeal
  • Beveled: Creates a decorative angle that begins near the edge of the glass

If you have any questions about the different styles of edging, please let us know. City Window & Glass takes pride in completing all of our projects quickly and professionally. We accommodate walk-ins and can finish many jobs while you wait. For longer projects, a 24-hour turnaround is typical. Additionally, if you provide us with the specifications of your furniture, we can help you choose the best style of glass.