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Glass Cutting Service in Hamilton, Made While You Wait!

City Window & Glass (1962) has a comprehensive stock of glass: Obscure, Patterns, Textured, Colours, Tints, Laminated, Plexiglass, Tempered Glass Doorlites, Safety, Fire Rated, Specialty Glass Products: Georgian Polish Wire (GPW) and Georgian Cast Wire (GCW).

We offer, same day service for simple orders, often we can cut your order as you wait.  Let us know what size you need and what it will be used for and we can help you determine which glass thickness and type of edgework is needed.  If you have a project that requires precision then you have found the right place.  Attention and appreciation of detail is what City Window & Glass does best.

Bring in your broken glass for sizing and we can cut and install the new piece into your frame.  Repairing putty windows are one of our specialties.  In fact, we are one of the few glass shops that actually still use putty.

Cut Mirrors

We cut replacement mirrors for almost any application! Need a shape? Square, Rectangle, Oval, Circle or, a Custom Shape or Design, our experienced staff can produce or reproduce almost any profile. Mirror is available in three shades, clear, tinted bronze or grey. Beveling from .5 to 1.5" is available on many profiles.

Storm & Screen Repair

Bring in your broken storm windows and we will cut and install a new glass into your frame. Broken parts?  Missing gaskets?  We have an extensive inventory/parts catalogue and most likely have the parts you need in stock.  If not, getting replacement parts from one of our many suppliers should not be a problem.

Screen repairs are also done in our shop with parts for repairs to your frame.  Patio screen door repairs can also include wheel repairs or replacement.  Again, as in storm repairs, we can also build you a new replacement screen or patio screen door.

Thermal Pane Replacement

Thermal Pane (aka) Insulated Glass Units (IGUs), come in a variety of sizes and thickness.  They are made at a factory level as one unit and cannot be repaired once they loose their seal (condensation buildup) or crack, they have to be replaced.

Mutton bars/grills refer to the white-squares (or other shapes) inside some thermal panes that can be either metal or plastic.  If you prefer to replace your own window rather than have us come out for a service call, just give us the correct size and thickness and we can order one for you. If the window comes out then bring it to us and we can help you determine the correct size and thickness to order. 

Please Note: once the window has been ordered its size CANNOT be changed.  Make sure of your size and thickness before you order it!

Picture Frame Glass Cut to Size

City Window & Glass (1962), offers glass cut to size for ANY project, these include picture frames, glass counter tops, windows, doors… you name it if you need glass cut to size we can supply it!

We can cut picture frame glass to any size you require.  2mm glass or 3mm glass is used depending on the size of your picture frame.  Maximum size for 2mm/3mm application is about 3’ by 4’.

Custom Glass Shelving

Glass shelves can be made from 5mm glass up to 12mm glass.  The size and use will determine the thickness.  You can also temper the shelves for extra
strength and safety.

Please Note: as Tempered Glass CANNOT be worked or cut once it has been produced please ensure that you check sizes, templates and positions of holes carefully before ordering.

Sizes are only limited by the type of support used.  We have a variety of clips and hangers plus many years of experience in designing and building specific glass shelves for commercial and residential applications.  Come in or contact us and let us fulfill your shelving needs.


Our polishing machine gives an excellent flat polished edge and arrissed edge to glass and mirror.  We can polish glass and mirrors from 5mm to 12mm to give an excellent finish.


We can drill holes in any thickness of glass, mirrors and plastics to allow the fitting of screws, dome heads, handles, locks, vents or anything else from 3mm diameter to 300 mm diameter.

Shaped Glass

Our skilled glass cutting allows us to produce glass in almost any shape required, which can then be ground smooth and polished. Bring in your template and see how creative we can get!


This is the shaping or finishing of the edges of a glass surface, usually by grinding with an abrasive wheel.  Pencil Polished edge in Satin finish (also available in clear finish) is the most common type of edgework on mirrors.  Although this is not as common on mirrors as it is on glass.  Beveled edges can also be applied to any of these edge finishes.


This is the production, by abrasion, of a sloping edge on the glass sheet which is commonly used on mirror glass.  Beveling of mirror edges creates a very elegant and lavish appearance. It is often used for wall and vanity mirrors.  The finished look can really enhance the overall appearance of any project that uses glass or mirror.

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City Window & Glass (1962) has a comprehensive stock of mirror and glass: From a state of the art manufacturing facility our fully trained team of professionals have a vast wealth of knowledge and expertise to provide exactly what you require, offering a quality product, at the most competitive rates available.

If you require more information on our glass cutting service, please contact us. We look forward to working with you on your next project.